L-Fashion Group conducts its operations in a socially responsible manner. The importance of operating responsibly is emphasized as operations continuously become more international and networked. L-Fashion Group complies with laws and international norms and is committed to continuous improvement of its social responsibility program.

Monitoring social responsibility
The manufacturing focus of L-Fashion Group’s products has moved towards Asia and to China in particular. L-Fashion Group’s subsidiary in China finds suitable collaboration partners for the company and negotiates production agreements. L-Fashion Group requires all of its subcontractors to comply with agreed operating principles and supports subcontractors in their social responsibility efforts. L-Fashion Group is also a participant in the Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), one of the world’s most recognized social responsibility programs. The BSCI works to promote safe, healthy and ethically acceptable production conditions around the world. The program includes audits of subcontractors conducted by independent, BSCI-certified companies, and the BSCI has also established standards to protect the environment.
Product safety
L-Fashion Group bears responsibility in the risk management of harmful substances through compliance with the REACH regulation on the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals.

Animal rights
L-Fashion Group is dedicated to respecting animal rights worldwide. Before engaging in collaboration, in line with the sourcing agreement, all subcontractors and suppliers must commit to the Code of Conduct and the company’s definitive operating principles requiring the ethical treatment of animals. Certificates of origin, which call for the ethical treatment of animals, are always required for furs, down and feathers used in the manufacturing of L-Fashion Group’s products.